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Creative writing blog title

Note From Sean: Most bloggers will spend hours writing a blog post, and then write their headline in seconds as an afterthought. Luckily, Emily Johnson knows this better than anyone. Ever experience it? Any writer or blogger will tell you that publishing your post is one thing. The fact of the matter is if you want your post read and shared, its got to be clicked.

Blog post titles that follow templates show lack of creativity. Also, due to the fact that they are being overused by many, they are boring. Have you seen how many there are? Just type it in Google…. In this article, I will:. Create your own unique guide! Here are a few ideas that you can use:. Also, check out the three posts below. Look at the number of shares they got on social media. Remember, expand on your idea!

Many readers, as well as writers, fall in love with list articles at first sight and there is a reason for it. Listicles are easy to read and easy to write. They also get clicked and read more often than other articles. Here are some ideas on how to create interesting listicles:. Also, check the three articles below. Do you like the idea of missing out on something? Well, neither do your readers. Also, take a look at the three articles below. Can you resist reading them? What would you say about such topic as fauna and flora?

Check some of your favorite websites. Also, think about what do we use search engines for? To find the information we lack, right? Also, take a look at the three posts below. Are they popular? Like I mentioned before, we use search engines in order to find the information we lack. Do they promise to give you useful information? There is a reason why we want more and more infographics: they are fun, quick to read and easy to remember.

The promise of an infographic might result in more people reading your post as well as more shares on social media. Also, check out the blog posts below. How many shares did they get?

Thus, use this strategy if you have a wonderful visual content to share with your readers! As we all well know, people learn best from their own mistakes. I think the answer is obvious…. Here are a few ideas on how to make the above title creative:. Check out the three articles below as well. Do their titles spark your interest? What title would it have? Just like the 1st title, the 8th title on my list focuses on providing your reader with all the necessary information about a topic.

So, there is no need to search for more information. Also, take a look at how some experienced bloggers use the above title to their advantage:. Another great way to write a title is to ask your readers a question. Make them think. Spark their interest from the very beginning. People will want to know the answer to a question that is provocative.

How can you put a question into your title? Look below:. Also, take a look at these few posts. What can you say about their titles? It means the title is provocative enough to make you click and read the article!

How can you use this title to your advantage? Take a look at the 5 examples below:. They also either pose a question or offer more information about a topic, thus, they are educative and helpful. Also, check the posts below. Are the trigger words in the titles challenging? What would you say for Swiss watches? This type of title lets you be very flexible about the choice of the first word. Also, check these 3 posts from authority websites.

Are the titles of the articles intriguing? This is a very interesting title that I have spotted on a number of websites. Why does it work? Now, take a look at the posts below. How many people clicked them and shared on social media?

Are you getting the hang of improving your topics? This is a simple comparison of two items, thoughts or ideas. Also, here are a few posts featuring the above title. Do their headlines draw attention? Great Title : Glasses Vs. Also, take a look at these three articles. Do they promise help? How many shares do they have? Remember, when creating your own unique title, combine ideas! Use 2 or 3 and experiment! Check the title of this blog post.

How many templates does it follow? Is it still unique? As you can see, the KEY to writing a catchy and unique title is to come up with an original idea, expand on it and combine several title templates to make one, perfect title.

Be creative! If you like this article and found it helpful, share it with your friends! If you have other ideas on which titles get many clicks, let me know about them in the comments below. Emily Johnson is a content creator of OmniPapers and contributor to many online publications on digital and content marketing. This guide will help me a lot. A have lots of goods ideas. But know I have 15 post titles to create good content.

In fact, I will print it to read more often. Glad to hear that! Feel free to use those titles whenever you need. Thank you Emily, informative post! You gave out multiple options for headlines that are easy to remember. Hi Christina! This is a great blog post, Emily! I knew there were reasons why I read specific articles online.

And you made it very clear and easy to write catchy headlines. Thank you!

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For more information, check out our privacy policy. Written by Sierra Calabresi. The moment that every single marketer wants to avoid at all possible costs. The title of your post is one of the most important aspect of your article. So think of it this way-- have you ever judged a book by its cover?

Well, the same rings true for your blog post. So before you just throw any old headline together take a look at our 4 Tips for Writing a Killer Blog Headline. Have you ever struggled with coming up with an idea for a blog? Back in the day okay, a couple of months ago I used to fear the working title. In our example, with a concrete number tied to it, it can be intimidating.

After all, there have been numerous posts on the HubSpot blog that talk about the importance of understanding who you are writing to and targeting with your inbound marketing. The truth is, writing with your buyer personas in mind is absolutely essential in the world of content marketing.

Businesses that can speak to their personas whether they strike a pain point or elicit an interest can speak to virtually anyone and see a higher return on their marketing investment. Ultimately, a headline can make or break the success of your blog post.

Instead of going with the basics, focus on strategy. Start by honing in on one of your personas. What is she going to be looking for? Focus is key. Choose a primary persona and then build out an editorial calendar with blog posts that speak directly to their pain points and align keywords they would be searching for.

Your customers are your brand ambassadors, your biggest fans and one of your greatest assets. Concentrate on what you wish to share on your technical blog, and forget the hassle of selecting the name, for you can borrow one from the list below. Select efficient, yet creative names for your business blog.

The subject is serious, so the name should sound professional. Still, do not make it so serious that people do not come to the page at all. Think of some names as follows. Literature blogs will take you through a journey of the classics, poetry and more, to a destination from where you would not want to return. Read the following list of unique blog names and choose one for yourself. Many people love to discuss the latest scientific theories and innovations, some even love to discuss scientists, their biographies, and their inventions.

Scientific historians, especially, would love to have a common platform where they can talk, discuss, and share related information with people who understand them the best. For all those science enthusiasts out there, here is a comprehensive list of blog names that you can use.

If you just wish to share information, stories, jokes, anecdotes, and interact with different people, here are some good blog name ideas. Off late, blogging has become quite a profession. What begun as a hobby has now converted to business for a few. Advertising your blog on social media sites helps gain followers and consequently, money follows.

So for now, work on choosing the right name and deciding what your blog will consist of so that readers are hooked on to it. All the best! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Sound Packs. All Sound Effects. Print Templates. Product Mockups. UX and UI Kits.

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9 Clever Ways to Come Up With a Creative Blog Name

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