Creative writing describing the sunset

The Sunset Essay Sample

The time of day is evening, as the sun is setting. The sunset was indescribable. I took a step back to fully take in the scene. Birds chirped and happily searched for prey in the shallow water, I could see some of them pushing river rocks about in an attempt to catch whatever tried to hide underneath.

The trees rustled as the breeze blew softly through their leaves, the sunlight shining through exposing colors of green mfa creative writing forum 2020 orange of all shades. Nearby I noticed a deer calmly grazing in a small patch of grass near creative writing describing the sunset fallen tree.

A perfect place to relax, if you ask me. Flowers of seeminly endless types and colors surrounded the log, making this scene even more unreal. In the distance, the water was almost completely still. Only on occasion creative writing describing the sunset a ripple appear out of nowhere.

The fish were alive and active under the surface, the only proof of life being the ripples in the surface. I could see hints of rock exposed among the blankets of snow. Trees of all shades speckled the scene, creative writing jobs in islamabad to the beauty. The sky was crystal clear and soft shades of purples and light blues, creative writing describing the sunset the sun was emanating vivid shades of red and orange.

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Creative writing describing the sunset

Describing a sunset in an essay, poem, book or short story requires descriptive adjectives and the use of literary devices, such as imagery, metaphors and symbolism.

Sunsets represent warmth and beauty, often signifying an important season in a character's life, so descriptions tend to have a peaceful, melancholy tone. When writing about sunsets, focus on visual aspects of the sky and how the sunset makes the characters in your story or poem feel. Use literary devices, such a symbolism and imagery, to describe the natural beauty, warmth and transitional elements of a sunset.

Hazel Hall uses imagery in her poem "Twilight" to show how the sunset affects grass, flowers and plants by causing them to close up for the night. Her poem considers how the sunset transforms the natural world. Focus on descriptive language, including compelling adjectives and picture-perfect adverbs to help readers visualize the sunset. Use precise language, explicit vocabulary and well-constructed analogies to detail the complexities associated with sunsets, according to the Core Curriculum State Standards Initiative for 11th- and 12th-grade students.

Discuss color variations in the sky and how the setting sun casts shadows across the ground. Think of examples that remind you of sunsets, such as changing seasons, the process of aging or an ending to one life experience to start another. Detail the enduring, recurring, daily characteristics of sunsets. Both poets associate sunsets with closure and an end to one's daily experiences. Describe the sunset by focusing on its brief, yet important, role in nature. Use adjectives such as perpetual, relentless, timeless, unremitting and unfailing, to describe sunsets.

Discuss ways a sunset creates a mood or establishes the tone for a poem or a story. For example, in the book "The Outsiders" by S. Hinton, two main characters from different socioeconomic backgrounds discuss the beauty of the sunset and its ability to bridge barriers to unite people.

Describe how the sunset makes characters feel, such as relieved, satisfied or hopeful. Use emotion-filled adjectives, such as majestic, endless, inspirational, glowing, romantic, serene or captivating to describe the sunset.

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Sunset Beach - Descriptive Piece

As soon as I put them in, my body cools down immediately, it feels refreshing. I can feel the grains of sand washing in between my toes. I stand up to go into the water a little deeper, until the water hits just below my knees. As I am walking in, I keep stepping on large shells, so I decide to reach down and pick one up. It is white, pink, and the size of a golf ball, it is also broken, but you can still make out the shell-shape and its rigid texture. I examine it for a few seconds and throw it back into the ocean.

Standing in the water, my eyes start to get watery as more of the salty breeze sweeps my face, my hair no longer in my face but flying back behind me. After a couple minutes of just standing there and enjoying that moment I decide to go back to the big rock and sit back down.

For the next few minutes, I just sit there and stare at the sun setting. I start to feel peaceful and calm. I feel like all the problems that I have are so small compared to this big ocean in front of me, and every one of my problems is being washed away with the waves, and at that exact moment I feel content with my life.

This view inspires me, there is something very spiritual about it. As I sit there and look out into the horizon, the sun has almost set now and just the tip is left to disappear into the water.

The sky has now changed from yellows and oranges to pinks and purples transitioning from day to night. People have started to leave the beach now and it is slowly starting to get dark. As I get to the stairs of the resort I look back and take in one last glance of what was the best part of my day. Sunset at the Beach. Accessed October 26, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. I was going to make a lot of progress with building my own bike.

I was going to organize my life and I was going to have fun with my friends and my family But I also did something else More than any other individual we kept in mind, this lady seemed to imply to us the country, the The angle that the light is There are many hymns found in the Rig Veda which mention or honor Surya.

The Rig Veda is a collection of more than a thousand hymns written between and B. Many people and businesses have chosen solar panels as a way to receive electricity, but is that really the best option? A Sun-Believable, a cooperative business It can shrivel up like wilted flowers, lifeless. Water relaxes sponges as they fill up and make them soft and supple.

Intermission a scheduled period during which activity is suspended. A period of exemption from work granted to an employee, period spent That is because they use dim sheets of silicon crystals to consume the sunlight.

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How to Describe a Sunset

Sunset isn't an expression it's a word to describe day turning to night. Example: a sunset would be where the sun appears to go below the horizon. It is, as you observe, used for, e.g. the hero and. Mar 22,  · Descriptive Place Coursework Sunset Beach As I lay down onto the golden grains of sand, I looked up to the vibrant yet soothing streaks of colour that had StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. The Sunset Essay Sample The sunset A sunset The first impression of it is a beautiful and mystifying creation of the nature that leaves a great image in people?s minds; however, sometimes those images can associate with an opposite feeling like tiredness and anger.

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