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Write about yourself. Write for fifteen minutes. And if you post, be sure to give describe yourself creative writing on a few practices by other writers. Photo by Augustin Ruiz Creative Commons. He sits where he always sits. In the corner by wall where he can sip describe yourself creative writing coffee and watch the others on their business meetings or coffee dates.

He writes or else intends to write while he checks facebook and his email until overcome by guilt to actually write. He used to relish these moments, the coffee shop moments, they were easy afternoons full of artistic feeling. He was doing it. Finally doing it. But then life continues and the coffee became the office and writing became, as all activity eventually becomes, work. It was good work, work he was good at, but still.

He wonders if it will amount to anything. There are some days when he sits, watching the people, listening to some semi-obscure band, and something clicks and he is overcome by gratefulness. Thank you. Thank you for this life. Thank you for the toil. Thank you for the confusion and boredom and hopes not achieved, not achieved yet. Today though, he is content. He listens to a plane fly overhead. There is a describe yourself creative writing ticking mechanically nearby.

His tongue is thick from coffee. He stretches his neck back and opens his chest to breathe deep. His phone buzzes describe yourself creative writing he ignores it. And in another room, a baby stirs awake. Building have someone do my homework Author Website. Write About Yourself [writing prompt] by Joe Bunting comments. Happy writing! Joe Bunting.

Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice community. He is also the author of the new book Crowdsourcing Parisa real life adventure story set in France.

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Describe yourself creative writing

Now you can stop looking for a sample essay about yourself for college as you will read the one that was successful and the student who wrote it got an excellent mark. Though, the present yourself essay sample is proposed only for your consideration.

Are you struggling to write a professional essay that will earn you a high grade? Custom Writing Bee provide essay writing services where you can buy describe yourself essay. We will deliver a quality essay on time. Write my essay on describe yourself now. I live with my family, which consists of dad, mom, and my sister Lisa, who is two years younger than me. I have brown hair and green eyes. My constitution is average and growth too. I respect myself, although I do not try to make myself a leader or head of the company.

At the same time, I will not let myself be offended and try to make sure that my opinion is respected by both relatives and friends. I often stand in my opinion. Someone can consider that it is wrong, but I like to be independent in everything I am doing. My close people and friends know this feature in me and consider it avoiding unnecessary arguments or conversations. I studied at school on the average level not being a perfect pupil though trying not to be the last as well.

From all of the subjects most of all I liked mathematics, biology, and geography. I like mathematics because it is connected with the logic to me.

I enjoy logical games and everything connected to that. I like biology because it gives us insight into the world of creation of everything living on the Earth. It seems amazing and unknown, thus worth to be discovered. I like geography simply because I like to discover different cultures. I would not say that I am a devoted traveler as I mainly enjoy sitting in the comfort of my home. Though, I like to discover something new.

I have a hobby. I adore table games of different kinds: with figures, chips, cards, and everything else. I can play classical chess for many hours. This hobby we share with my father who makes the company for me. I also spend some time in our garage repairing or constructing something. I also have quite an unusual hobby. I like to make objects from the nails. Sometimes I can make rather big objects They are mainly imaginary figures or heroes of fantasy films.

With the younger sister, we brought the puppy Alma and take care, going out with her. Now Alma is 8 years old and she is also a member of our family. This dog is a rather devoted friend of mine. I do not do sports purposefully, but I like to train with friends on bars or to work out on simulators. Although I understand that systematic sports are important for a guy.

If there is an opportunity, I want to register in the gym or fight club this year. I am a sociable person. I like to get acquainted with new people, communicate in a big company, participate in disputes. Among my friends, there are boys and girls. I would call myself a benevolent person, often I help my friends. If I can say that I have learned purposefulness from my father, the same I can admit that my mother learnt me to be helpful to people no matter of sex or race.

I was brought up in a multi-cultured community and I consider the people of all nations to be equal. I have learned to accept the right both of men and women for independence and self-realization.

I think that such understandings together with a willingness to help all the people in need make a socially responsible individual out of me. In spite that I try to be social sometimes, by my inner nature I am outwardly calm. I like to think and mark. I would like to change this character trait a little. After all, often my friends and comrades just do not notice that I have some troubles, and thus do not offer help when I really need it. I try to be the one for my close friend and admire the same attitude in return.

Occasionally I am short-tempered if I am very irritated. Then I can pour out all my anger on the offender so that he does not seem a little. And yet I try to be a reliable person, real support for friends and family. I always try to help solve any problem, except contrived ones. Friends say that I am capable of leading when I need, to give a hand when someone is not capable to manage something.

I believe that my friends respect me. I often help my friends: in studying something, at work, when someone needs to find a part-time job, etc.

I always keep my hand on the pulse of events in our city. In this way, I can always propose my friends to go to one or another interesting event, concert, etc. I do not set myself the goal of becoming a leader as many others do, but I know that I can make the right decision when necessary. I repeatedly took responsibility in difficult situations, when all the others were lost.

For this I respect myself. For this, I am respected by other people. I usually say a little, but all my words are weighed. I prefer to act only when the situation requires it or circumstances force it. And it works! As at other times I can do my own affairs or just contemplate the world as it really is, revealing its real colors.

I try to weigh everything rationally, but I often notice that I am giving in to emotions. No wonder so often we are advised not to succumb to our feelings and emotions. So am I, I try to suppress emotions if they are negative, but they still breakthrough into the light. It happens in many ways: they control me, I control them, changing anger into repentance, hatred into love, and envy into admiration.

I study at Polytechnic University. I want to become a freelance programmer. I dream of working at home. I am passionate about writing codes for programs for hours in a row, if necessary. I think that working in this way, I will be able to provide everything needed for myself and my future family.

You can even say that my goal in life is to become a successful person while preserving myself, my own habits and attachments. Although I understand that success is a rather subjective concept. Everyone understands it in his own way. For someone, success is a good career, promotion at work. For the others, it lies in the happiness of the family and the health of beloved ones. I used to think that success is something fleeting, today it exists, but tomorrow there is not.

A well-done job is a success. Winning in lotto is a success. For me, success is akin to good luck. I believe in luck, even if it is short-lived, comes, in my experience, only in those moments when you do not expect it at all.

Well, or in critical situations. Suddenly something happens and everything is resolved well even very well. Something similar happened to me, and it was definitely luck. Many people think that luck is a gift of fate. It literally falls on you, it does not foresee. There are also those who believe in some magical essence of this concept — as through certain actions or spells, it can be called. Another opinion on this matter is the divine origin of luck it is sent to people for good and righteous deeds.

How many people, so many opinions. But what is a success for me then? It definitely has something in common with luck. It is necessary to strive for it for a long time, work hard, set tasks. Luck can be in the form of an unexpected inheritance — distant relatives left you millions. This is luck.

How to Write About Yourself: 100 Emotional Writing Prompts for Self-Discovery

Try to find two or three words that best describe that position. What qualities or characteristics would an applicant need in order to be considered the Perfect Candidate? Now go through and see how you can exemplify these qualities and characteristics. Once you have all that information, you should be able to answer the question easily. Keep your answer short and sweet. Make sure you list a quality or characteristic adjective, and then back it up with a tailored answer that exactly demonstrates how that adjective makes you invaluable to your potential employer.

Finally… back it up! Use examples from your past that prove that you are that person beyond a shadow of a doubt. Odds are that company wants an employee who can adapt quickly to a wide variety of different scenarios.

Very good. Mic drop. Entry level — Machine Operator Job description: Construction company looking to hire a machine operator. Must be willing to work long hours and have a good work ethic. I take my job seriously and once assigned a task, will see it through to completion. There are some days when he sits, watching the people, listening to some semi-obscure band, and something clicks and he is overcome by gratefulness.

Thank you. Thank you for this life. Thank you for the toil. Thank you for the confusion and boredom and hopes not achieved, not achieved yet. Today though, he is content. He listens to a plane fly overhead. There is a clock ticking mechanically nearby. His tongue is thick from coffee. He stretches his neck back and opens his chest to breathe deep.

His phone buzzes but he ignores it. And in another room, a baby stirs awake. Building an Author Website. Describe the challenges of being an introvert or an extrovert whichever one you are.

Tell your story about the time you spoke up for something you believed in. How did it feel? Were there any consequences? If you have children — what is one thing that surprised you about being a parent? Tell your story about when a friend or a group of them made your day. Tell your story about when a friend or a group of them broke your heart.

Describe your dream home in detail. Tell your story about how a teacher, coach, or boss supported or inspired you. Write about something you did in the past year that made you proud. Do you live in the city you grew up in? Tell your story about a trip or a visit you enjoyed when you were little. In what ways do you fit the stereotypes of your gender, and in what ways do you differ from the stereotypes?

Discuss whether you think people should share their religious beliefs openly, or whether they should keep it private. Describe what you think would be a perfect romantic date. Write about a type or style of clothing that you feel uncomfortable wearing, or that you simply dislike. Tell your story about a time when, rightly or wrongly, you got in trouble at school or at work. Do you always vote in elections? Do you think people make snap judgments about you based on your appearance? Are they accurate or not?

Write about something that terrified you as a child. Write about a particular phobia or fear you have now. Did you get it? If so, was it everything you hoped? If not, did it matter? What is something that makes you almost irrationally angry?

Write about an object you own that has religious, spiritual, or symbolic significance to you. If you were a billionaire, what gifts would you give to your immediate family? Do you consider yourself hopeful or cynical about romance?

Write a note apologizing to a part of your body for insulting it in the past. Write a note thanking a part of your body for doing such a good job. Tell your story about when you had a delightful guest in your home. Tell your story about when you had an unwelcome visitor in your home. Describe the time you were a guest in an unusual home. What was the strangest course or class you ever took?

How did you get over it? Write about a small thing you accomplished this week. Write about the ways that your hometown has changed over the years. Write about a way your country is changing for the better. Describe someone who bullied you as a child. Why do you think they did it? Do you believe that things happen for a reason, or do they just happen randomly? Why do you think this? Do you believe that you have a lot of control over your destiny or future?

Write down a funny story that your family likes to tell again and again. Tell your story about a time you got injured or you were in an accident. Tell your story about how you learned a new skill. Describe the way you get to school or to work every day. Propose a frivolous or ridiculous law that you would like to implement, and explain your reasoning.

Tell your story about having a great time at a party. Tell your story about a party you wish you had never attended or hosted. Write about a tattoo you have and its significance, a tattoo you would like to get… or why you would never, ever get a tattoo. Tell a story that has to do with your hair, or the lack of it. Write about a feud or rift in your family. If you had a whole day free of responsibilities or chores, how would you spend it?

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Write About Yourself [writing prompt]

Hmm, maybe a little word game will bring it all into focus and show you how to describe yourself. Start by first really taking a good hard look at yourself and thinking of a list of adjectives or words you would use to describe yourself. Remember, we’re looking for qualities and characteristics. Aug 30,  · 2. Independent – you are able to work well by yourself and find solutions to any problems you encounter.. Alternatives: self-reliant, self-sufficient. 3. Creative – you are able to think outside the box and come up with ideas to drive the business forward.. Alternatives: inventive, imaginative, innovative, inspired, resourceful, unconventional. There are three questions you can ask yourself when writing a scene where you intend to convey emotion: 1) How often have I seen this phrase used? If it's something you've seen a lot of, it's probably a cliche and is likely to be read as overly sentimental. If too cliched, it can even distract the reader from what you are trying to convey.

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