Describing old man creative writing

Describing an old woman? creative writing help!?

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Describing old man creative writing

I'm doing a descriptive writing on an scary, creepy, murderous man. This man is tall slender greasy hair, pale face black suit, get it? But I'm stuck on the eyes. Can you write like a paragraph sentences on his face. Really nice description please! Please write back ASAP!!!!! Even if you don't think you can just give it a shot!! PS- just to keep in mind The pale moon light cast a ghastly shadow across the mans long sullen face.

His dark greasy hair clung to his skull with small strands falling into his blank eyes. His eyes gazed out of their sockets with a cold glazed over look of complete detachment. His skin looked a white as stone and his lips were carved into a deranged smirk as he felt the blood splatter on his jaw turn cold. He was not human at that moment, but an unimaginable darkness in the shape of what used to be a man. Hope that's helps. I am not sure what has happened before and what will follow but I hope that helps.

He was tall, at 6 foot 2. Dressed in a suit, only slightly astray. One corn of his collar was flipped upwards, the end of his belt stuck out of its loop. The grease from his hair seemed to run down his face and onto his neck, highlighting his hollow cheeks and low brow bone. His black eyes were piercing against his pale white skin. I could not decipher whether they showed deep concentration, or a vacant mind. I could see his nostrils flare as if each breath he took angered him more than the previous.

His face was that of a madman. Trending News. Pope Francis appoints first Black American cardinal. Cowboys quarterback injured on a dirty late hit. Authorities find 2 abducted girls, 2 dead boys. Zoom-based horror film has become a viral phenomenon. Lee Kun-hee, who transformed Samsung, dies at Barrymore: 'I really did not take divorce well'. Kanye: 'My calling is to be the leader of the free world'. Answer Save. I can write a few words a paragraph is a bit much Echo Mei Lv 4. Still have questions?

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English Language Paper 1 Q5 AQA 2018 - Describing an old man's face using 275 precise adjectives

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Kanye: 'My calling is to be the leader of the free world'. Answer Save. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

Story of an Elderly Man

Creative writing about an old man - $ per sheet - Best deal! 30 Years Online. All types of Сryptocurrencies - Payment Without Commission. This lesson was inspired by the AQA English Language Paper 1 Question 5. Students were asked to describe the face of an old man. To help students improve their description, I have created a bank of words that students can use to add precision to their descriptions. Oct 23,  · A creative description of a creepy man?? HELP ASAP!!:O? I'm doing a descriptive writing on an scary, creepy, murderous man. This man is tall slender greasy hair, pale face black suit, get it? But I'm stuck on the eyes. Can you write like a paragraph ( sentences) on his face. Really nice description please!

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