I cant focus when doing homework

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I cant focus when doing homework

Focusing on homework might be the last thing you want to do. So how can you overcome the resistance and get it done either way? How do we get our minds to understand how to focus on homework? Countless factors constantly fight for our attention: social media, people, our doubts, overthinking, anxious thoughts and external expectations. All of this makes us feel as though we have little control over our mind.

We will discuss specific study habits later in this article, but first, you need to understand how to focus on studying. For that, there are two key principles that will make you more successful in your studies:.

Clearly identifying these distractions ca help you understand both the problem and what causes it. Among our environmental distractions, digital distractions are one of the worst kind — and according to a number of studies , their effect is on the rise in the classroom. Have you ever sat down to calculate how social media distracts you from doing the things you should be doing? The sound of new notifications can be enough to reroute our attention from the task at hand. And then comes the information overload, the fear of missing out, and the all-too-common signs of addictive behavior.

Routines help us be productive without exerting as much effort. When you have homework to do, a study routine can be the reason we actually sit down, set enough time aside, concentrate, and stay focused until we complete the project.

You need a special place for studying. Lying in bed with your notebook is a distraction, as is being in the living room with your laptop while others are doing their activities. You need an isolated place when you decide to focus on your homework. Big meals can ruin your focus and make you feel sluggish and lazy.

A snack is okay. There are also some foods, though, that are just plain bad for your productivity. These 7 foods will kill your productivity. Prioritize your work.

Then work on the items that you should get done first. Make an outline for what you need to do and break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. Then, use colors to highlight the essentials. There are many tracks out there designed to help your mind focus. Whether you use binaural beats or just instrumental music, the right sounds can really help to tune your brain into a productive frequency.

This meditation music from OmHarmonics is also great to listen to; it puts your mind in a clear, concise, and ready-to-take-on-the-world mode:. Even if your teacher has already given you deadlines for each assignment, set new ones yourself at earlier dates.

This helps you build discipline, learn how to focus on studying, and prioritize every day. Frequent breaks actually increase your productivity and focus. Doing your homework is all well and good, but what if you could retain more information from the get-go in the classroom? And learning how to learn? So click the link below to totally boost your brainpower, learn any skill faster, retain more, forget less, finish your homework faster and uplevel your cleverness!

How To Focus On Homework When You Don’t Feel Like It

I was in the half day group. When I entered the 6th grade, I spoke to a friend who had attended school full time concerning several subjects and I realized that I was drastically behind him and the others for the first time in my life. After that, I floundered through school, despite having a IQ, The guidance counselors were constantly on my parents for my failure to live up to my potential.

You know it could be that it triggered another trauma from previous childhood, that led to a deep core belief around not being good enough or failing. It could have left your self-esteem so entirely attached to your grades that without that to hang onto you fell apart.

This happens especially if a child was not given proper attachment, where they were taught they were trusted and loved no matter what, but were given affection based on meeting certain expectations. This is not a small thing to just overlook or live with, as if you are writing about it now one would guess that it has had repercussions right into adult life and might be the visible tip of an iceberg, so to speak.

Definitely worth speaking to a counsellor or therapist about. I used to be a very happy boy with high sense of humor. I got admission into the university at the age of 19yrs to study Geology.

Later on, while in the university I started skipping classes, lost interest in my academics and eventually started hanging out with bad groups and we smoked marijuana all day.

As time goes on, my relationship with the bad gang increases from smoking of marijuana to taking drugs such as royphnol, codeine, promethazine and crack cocaine. I finally dropped out of school in my final year, because I completely lost passion in my academics. Later on, I was involved in internet fraud as the only means of earning a living.

All we do is surf the internet all day and night, taking drugs with the impression that it makes us smarter and widen our scope of hustle.

Now, everything has changed, as my life is now dependent on these drugs. My ability to think well and focus have been altered. I feel depressed everyday, which makes me to sleep too much. I lost my all my drives of doing things, I feel reluctant in doing anything. I seldom take my bath or brush my teeth regularly.

Most time I have suicidal thought. You are not what you have done. You are not drugs, you are not fraud. You are a person. And no matter what you have done, you are important and you contain within beautiful things, too. The first thing is to stop thinking you can do this alone. You do need to reach out to help of some sort. You have done a lot of brave things, this is one more brave thing to do. You might feel that the easiest way is to call a helpline, so call a helpline.

They are a voice on the other end. Then you need to find more permanent support. There is every chance that one day you will be the one helping others, able to because you know what it is like to be lost and scared. Believe it or not you are not so old. There is a lot ahead. Make the call, then seek the help. One day I realized that when study well everyone will respect me and became topper in my school.

They all gave me respect. But when my ca course initially I liked but later I lost my focus and failed that failure affected me a lot, lots of health problems raised make me fail once again 3rd time I got passed but I lost my interest, confidence, focus on the course. Now I am not able to move on in my life. Please give me answer how to proceed further. Have you looked into the possibility of adult ADHD or childhood trauma?

Both can cause physical imbalances. ADHD is connected to the brain and the anxiety of trauma affects hormone levels. Because each of us is acceptable and loveable just as we are. The more you can begin to respect and love yourself no matter what, the more you can stop judging yourself and pushing yourself all the time and just learn to appreciate the wonderful person you naturally are, the better you will feel, and the less it will matter what anyone else thinks of you.

Is it reading, singing, dancing, writing? Then do more of that, and find those who share the same hobby to connect with. I also have depression and had it for years but it keeps on going and coming back. My memory is really bad and has been getting worse. I also have suicidal thoughts and I think about killing myself all the time.

Thanks for sharing Dannie. Being 19 is not the easiest time in life for anyone! So cut yourself some slack here. You are doing the best you can. You are trying to figure it out, for starters, googling sites like this! Trauma can fracture the mind, and leave our brain spending so much time trying to hide certain experiences and emotions we feel foggy headed and lose our memory.

The best thing to do would be to seek someone to talk to about the depression and see what is behind that first, over getting caught in a cycle of ADHD treatment that never deals with unresolved experiences.

If a professional counsellor or psychotherapist thinks you have ADHD they can then refer you on. Consider mindfulness, too. The you behind it all is much bigger and more powerful, and it deserves to stick around down here, we are sure of that written by someone who did get diagnosed with ADHD, and also experienced being 19 as pretty harsh. And mindfulness has also been proven in studies to help with attention and focus — so a good deal all around. We hope this all helps!

I day dream all the time, one moment I will be focused and the next I will be day dreaming. Do I have a disorder or something? Support can help you find ways to manage better that can really help.

I am suffering from depression… i am bcome worse day by day i keep cutting myself idk what to do i cant focus on my studies when i see all of my friends studying hard day to night tirelessly i become more depressed… i have lost faith in god to be honest. My parents force me to cover myself. Zerin, it sounds so hard. Anyone would be depressed and feel angry towards their parents. If there is anyone you can talk to, that would be wonderful. For example, most schools have a counsellor that is a free service.

If you really need help there are hotlines in the UK and America that are free, look up the Good Samaritans. Eventually, life changes. And if you are in the UK or America, one day you will move away from your family home.

A life could be waiting ahead that you can hardly even imagine, but you have to hang in there to see it. The best therapy is accepting that life is fucking hard. Happiness, the further our society becomes complacent and comfortable, becomes more and more misconstrued and out of reach. The last year has emotionally crippled me. A sugery, Dad passed away suddenly, appears 2 siblings developed mental a illness because of it.

My husband of 27 yrs cheated. Work stress of productivity and accuracy failing.. I have been diagnosed with anxiety where makes me feel like a heavy Boulder is laying on my chest at all times.

I cannot focus on my work…has me making small but costly mistakes at work and after 19 years of service they are trying to fire me. I always do the best job I can. Maybe the high level stress job is too much anymore. To then have your work also try to fire you does sound like the final straw. However, we want to respond and reach out to you. It sounds like you are experiencing real stress and trauma, and we are sorry you feel so angry and upset.

Which is hard. Good for you for continuing on. We are not sure at all where you got this idea from. In fact we agree that chasing happiness tends to lead to always feeling life is out of reach. Good therapy is about self-acceptance and finding ways to have compassion for yourself, no matter how dark and angry and horrible you feel inside. We find the process invaluable. That hard moments will come, but we will be resilient, and good moments, too, will come.

Life is a mix. So yes, never give up! Thank you Warren. Despite knowing I have a lot to do, I often find it really difficult to focus on the tasks at hand and complete them. I do a lot of exercise and have no problem concentrating on training sessions and getting these done, but these are physical whereas my job demands a lot of time sitting at a computer and using my brain — this is what I appear to be struggling with!

Do you like training? Do you like your job? Does training feel achievable? Does your job feel achievable or overwhelming? These are the sorts of questions that might start leading to good answers, How and What questions that help you open up your perspective. If you find the tasks of your job to seem overwhelming, how can you break them down into smaller goals? Note that if you suspect that this is related to not liking what you are doing, it would be worth having a chat with a careers counsellor or coach who might be able to help you see things in a better light.

Hope it Helps. I am really struggling, I grew up with a mother that ignored me and treated me as an extension of herself. She was also physically and emotionally abusive. I am having major problems with focus.

I have racing thoughts, cant focus, and get extremely depressed. I am not caring for myself and tending to household responsibilities, I feel like my cognitive health has dramatically declined in the last few months. I have started to make stupid errors at work due to this.

My manager made me go for re-education and has given me warnings. I am continuing to make errors. I fear that I will lose my job. I also fear that I may have bipolar 2 disorder. Thank you for sharing.

Emotional stress from a difficult childhood can and often does cause dissociation and depression. This all sounds like a lot to deal with all by yourself. Do you have insurance through your workplace to cover therapy sessions? Most major insurers do these days. It can feel scary to reach out for support, and does take courage, but your issues would respond really well to talk therapies. It can feel so wonderful to have that support and make a real difference to all areas of your life, yes, including work!

We wish you courage……. I get told how smart and intelligent I am and why I am not degree qualified as I seem to out think those around me and come up with workable solutions very easily, I am articulate and very creative.

Having just my name on the top of the exam paper I got up less than half way through the exam and walked out. What is behind it? Is it ADHD? This all depends on the person. But what is clear here is that you are really suffering because of the pattern you have. Have you considered counselling around this?

You would be able to get to the bottom of it for once and for all. Just a thought. My IQ was not as high as yours but I was repeatedly in the top smartest groups of my class, especially in Math until around I suffered from parental abuse, both physical and mental, and had social services work with my family but it never fully solved the problem.

I would come home worried of being punched or hurt, and would hide in my room, sometimes locking myself in the bathroom. I went on to Purdue University with a small scholarship and went on to a minor in Computer Science and a major in Mathematics. I was six classes short to a Bachelor of Science Degree and I took 3 years being a senior only to drop out and never finish at age Every time I was about to finish and graduate, I would have a mental breakdown and eventually ended up moving out of the state to forget all the family problems and abuse before finishing.

What is more is that I was left with debt and am now working as a stripper. I had mental breakdowns several times and suffer from repeatedly replaying scenarios from the past over and over in my mind. My mind is constantly running, but not with the focus or thoughts that I want. Thank you for this brave sharing Elizabeth. It very much sounds like you are suffering from long-term PTSD. It certainly makes life a lot harder when we are constantly on edge and in a state of anxiety.

With some trauma and PTSD, counselling is less affective and leave you feeling more traumatised, unless it works to reprogram the brain.

Hope that helps. So we would suggest seeing a counsellor or therapist. You might find psychodynamic therapy a good fit here. Kind regards, Harley Therapy. I am a 18 year old student right now, preparing for engineering entrance exams. I have faced failure for the last two years , and I am feeling anxiety and depression for the last two years.

The problem was low earlier but is growing day by day. Whenever I see someone who is of lower IQ than me excelling in studies and scoring more than me, I feel depressed. I am always lost in my thoughts and dreams that I want to achieve. Please help me, I will be highly obliged. Your help can change my life and help me achieve something in my life. This absolutely is a fast track to low self-esteem. It also might be that you are facing enormous pressure from family.

The best thing here would be support. If you do have someone you can trust reach out about how much stress you are under.

Of course family and friends are often too invested in our future to be able to give us the support we need but a counsellor is impartial and creates a safe space for you to unload your real hopes and fears. Could you find one? Also, learn about perspective. Right now yours is very narrow. If you were suddenly 85 years old and on your death bad, what advice would you give yourself? Is it possible there is more to life than you are able to now see? Good luck! I am unable to focus on my work.

Every time i sit down for work, i lose interest and start surfing on the Internet or start looking on the phone. I get distracted easily and waste many hours doing this and not focusing on my work which later on makes me regret about wasting my time.

My work and job have been badly affected by all this, my bad performance let me quit my job. Now its been 10 months since i am jobless and have not been able to push myself to work. But this lack of focus, getting distracted by simply surfing around or my stress and sadness has destroyed my life and its has really got me worried. Hi Lisa, it sounds like you might be suffering depression. Which causes distraction and makes achieving anything hard and leads to a cycle of beating ourselves up, feeling worse, getting less done, repeat…..

Was it that the wrong job for you? Were you trying to do what your family wanted instead of what you want for yourself? What is best is to explore questions like this with a professional counsellor or therapist who can really get to know you. If you are in the UK, you can talk to your GP who can put you in touch with mental health care services in your local area.

I am 29 years old and currently unemployed. I have a problem with focusing on Reading. I understand what is written when I read the words slowly but I lose focus right away and forget what I read. I only learn things based on explanations, visual or actual. I really am having a hard time to focus in reading and I get distracted so easily like when I see something, I daydream right away.

Even if I do understand, I forget it the moment I am distracted. I tried my best to listen to every words. I really like educational shows like NatGeo documentaries, but how can I learn when I cannot focus properly? Last March , I graduated from my Bachelor in Business Administration fortunately even thought I struggle a lot in studying.

I am worried that if I can get a job again, my issues will affect my work performance and will ruin my career or worst, my Life. Ruthie we really would recommend a psychologist here, they could run you through diagnostic tools to see what is going on.

It could be trauma related, or some sort of learning disorder that for some reason is worsening, perhaps because adulthood has more stress to deal with. If the psychologist felt it was something like ADHD they could then refer you on to a psychotherapist. As this is all worth looking into, we believe that they will be able to help you and that your life is far from ruined, you just need the right support!

I am 23 and I constantly find myself being unable to focus, especially on things that I am naturally not good in. For example, I was unable to focus during any form of sports such as dancing, and martial arts, or 3d construction.

Once in a blue moon, I would feel intense focus and felt that I finally could use the potential I have in all these things. When the focus comes, I am suddenly very good in my movements. In actual fact, my brain was not even functioning and i felt very spacey. I have seen the psychologist before, and they said I suffered from an emotional trauma from my childhood. Perhaps when I was doing activities I am not naturally adept in, my subconsciousness must have acted again.

I feel it is really a huge waste to not be able to use my potential, due to my inability to find the focus. I am still young and I really want to use the potential I really feel I have…. As a child and right up until August last year when I moved out with my partner, I was emotionally abused. How can I cope with this until I can use music again? Hi Madison, first of all congratulations for seeking the support you need.

It sounds like there is a lot of cognitive distortion going on here, where we think only the worse and see in extremes and seek any and all ways to judge ourself and lower our self esteem a common side effect of abuse.

For example, most employers know that when you are training someone else that your productivity drops. Training someone takes time and energy. Is this a life or death situation, or is it a shade of grey? Have I talked to my employer about this and explained my productivity will naturally be challenged given I am training someone?

How dangerous is this situation, really, on a scale of 1 to 10? But what sort of psychologist does not then give you a treatment plan of what you can do next? That is surprising to us.

The point of seeing a psychologist is to get help. The first thing that would help would be if you yourself stopped judging yourself. It really is clear that you are super hard on yourself. Consider learning about self compassion. You might even want to try Compassion-based therapy.

What is right about you? Otherwise you are replicating the critical environment your mother put you through. Cognitive behaviour therapy would be good as it will help you reprogram the negative, judging thoughts that trigger your fog. If there was an exact big trauma as opposed to just constant emotional abuse, EMDR therapy is also recommended. Now i am also managing this with my Dad and Brother.

Before i used to work in Web Development. I stop the Job and started working for my Own Company in Web Development which i like to do and in 2 just months i got good response. I started believing i can achieve many things in coming time. But now a days completely lost. What should i do to focus on my Work both.

Hi Vijay, that sounds really stressful. When we do things that are not what we truly want we lose our focus simply because deep down we are not interested. Especially if you are a passionate person, doing something you are not passionate about will feel like pushing against sand. Or you can have a really honest talk to your wife about how absolutely unhappy you are and share with her how important your own web business was. And see what solutions you can find. But we suggest communication and brainstorming and being honest with yourself over judging yourself for being unproductive.

When you get to the real reasons you feel so stifled by it you can find the right solutions. Every since that day I have had trouble with my short term memory. I have just started a new job a month ago and everything that is explained to me is a blur. This is getting worse as I get older.

I am 58 years old and I need help bad before I lose my job! If you have other symptoms like edginess, mood swings, sensitivity to noise, anxiety, etc, you could have a sort of long-term form of it.

Worth looking into and seeking some support. EMDR is a therapeutic tool that might help. I have always believed that this is because I have low IQ. You may have noticed that short-term stress, such as working under a deadline, temporarily boosts focus. Over time, stress takes a toll on your brain health and function, leading to a shorter attention span, reduced memory, and impaired judgment.

Chronic stress actually causes your brain to prematurely age and lose enough brain cells to measurably shrink. The US Marines have experimented with meditation and found that it helps soldiers stay focused and calm under pressure. The average American sits 10 hours a day. Exercise helps you focus, learn, and remember. He states in his TEDx Talk that exercise works as well as attention disorder drugs to focus the mind. Walking is not only one of the best all-around exercises, it clears your mind and helps you think better.

Additionally, exercises that act as moving meditations, such as yoga, tai chi, and qi gong, can appreciably improve focus. The latest research indicates that a total of 8 hours per month is the minimum you need to stay mentally sharp.

Are you over-stressed, anxious, or depressed? The average worker loses more than 2 hours of productive time every day due to distractions. Disengagement occurs when employees feel that their work is boring or not important, or when the project they are working on is overwhelming. The big-picture solution is to discover, or re-discover, your sense of purpose at work. Additionally, breaking large projects down into small bite-size chunks can help you stay motivated and engaged.

Each time you finish one of your mini-projects, you get a nice boost of dopamine, a brain chemical associated with productivity and motivation. If you find your workspace to be too hot, cold, cluttered, noisy, or quiet, your capacity to focus will suffer. Ideally, it should be instrumental since lyrics can be distracting.

Another music service, Focus Will , offers scientifically engineered music channels, based on your personality type, for improving focus. Taking a minute power nap in the afternoon is a highly effective way to stay focused, alert, and productive for the rest of the day. Change Your Life , discovered that taking a nap keeps productivity higher better and longer than consuming caffeine. Are you unfocused and distracted? Your brain is a high-performance organ that needs a disproportionate amount of energy, oxygen, water, and nutrients.

What you eat significantly changes how well your brain performs its many functions, including focus. Here are a few dietary suggestions that can significantly improve your ability to focus:.

Dietary advice has gotten overly complicated and controversial, but one thing all the experts agree on is that sugar is bad news for your mental and physical health. Sugar fuels brain inflammation which is linked to poor focus as well as numerous mental health disorders.

Too much can make you a jittery mess, and too little will have your head on your desk — neither extreme will help you focus. Blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients that your brain cells need; signs of impaired blood flow to the brain include poor focus and concentration.

Oxygen and water are two overlooked nutrients that are absolutely critical for proper brain function. And, while your brain cells clearly need oxygen, many people hold their breath when concentrating, especially when working on their electronic devices. Lastly, there are a handful of supplements that contain phytochemicals known to increase focus and concentration.

Viewing nature scenes balances activity of the autonomic nervous system , inducing a state of relaxation. One study found that looking at a green roof for only 40 seconds improved concentration and focus. Music that includes sounds of nature is especially beneficial for focus and mood. There are many ways to increase dopamine naturally with food, supplements, and physical exercise.

But one way to boost dopamine that also ensures that you get more done is proper goal setting. And finally, there are many underlying physical and mental health conditions that can interfere with brain function and focus. Anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress, dementia, and, of course, attention disorders can affect your ability to focus. Medical disorders known to impair focus include:

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