Importance of doing the right thing essay

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All of us want to live life as well as we can and even the most seemingly despicable character will usually live by some kind of moral code. As well as doing the right thing you see, you also need to do things right.

You need to do the right thing… rightly… yes it all gets a bit confusing. In other words, doing the right thing refers to the decision of what you do, and doing things right refers to what you do within that context. Doing creative writing groups scotland right thing might be choosing to help your Mother to move some boxes, but doing things right in this case would importance of doing the right thing essay mean taking time and care and being careful not to break any visualization for creative writing her things rather than importance of doing the right thing essay it and causing damage.

Doing the right thing means doing the thing you know will have the best long term effects for the greatest number of people generally. However you should have a personal code of conduct, and you will certainly most likely know what is not the right thing, and you can use this to guide your decision.

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Importance of doing the right thing essay

Despite being a relatively low-level employee in his early twenties, he decided to do something about it. The response? A nasty, dismissive note from the company president. Obviously things worked out well for the whistleblower right?

Not only was this young man repeatedly threatened, bullied and attacked by Theranos, but his family had to consider selling their house to pay for the legal bills. His relationship with his grandfather—who sat on the Theranos board—is strained and perhaps irreparable. Doing the right thing might even cost you everything.

And yet, the Stoics would remind us that this should have absolutely no bearing on whether we should do it or not.

Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. Despised or honored. This young man did the right thing as he saw it.

It cost him and his family an incredible amount. It cost people that he loved and respected—even though they were doing the wrong thing—an incredible amount. But it was the right thing.

He refused to be silenced. He would not countenance to bullying. Now the question remains: Will you do the right thing when it counts? When it could cost you everything?

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The Important Thing Is To Do The Right Thing

Sometimes the right thing for a legislature to do is to enact a new law, demand that citizens take that law seriously, but not back up that demand with a threat of sanctions. Suppose there is a labor law requiring overtime pay for certain categories of workers, and suppose that this law is under enforced because the only liability is back pay plus interest. Nonetheless, there may be a moral obligation to provide overtime time pay given the importance of this law in a fair scheme of economic cooperation.

My arguments are going to have particular application in the international context. Sometimes a multinational business is doing business in a lower-middle-income country where law enforcement has resource limitations that prevent it from enforcing all of the socially important laws effectively.

One can also have a moral obligation to follow socially important laws when one is doing business as a visitor. Are there situations in which a very tightly competitive market makes it genuinely infeasible to obey an under-enforced law? If so, could the moral obligation to support important legal institutions be fulfilled by participating in some kind of institution building instead?

Another future direction is to look at what forms of enforcement are appropriate in a business context. In particular, I plan to look at general moral principles that apply to the use of force and when imprisonment is an appropriate penalty for white collar or nonviolent property crimes. In , an eight-story building collapsed in Bangladesh, killing over 1, people and injuring over 2, Part of that building was being used as a garment factory that manufactured garments for export.

What obligations does a multinational fashion corporation have when it has reason to believe that its business partners in low- and middle-income countries may not be following some important laws, including safety codes? Their research is bringing hard science to the emotional debate on police reform.

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