Interesting creative writing jobs

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When we think of people who make a living through writing, novelists and journalists come to mind immediately. But what other jobs are out there for folks who want to make creative writing the work that puts food on the table? You have to go out and find these jobs yourself, but they do exist.

You just have to look for them and then interesting creative writing jobs them. You might have interesting creative writing jobs earn your creating writing income part-time or on the side.

But if you do what you love, the money i. Do you have any creative writing careers to add to this list? Share your suggestions by leaving a comment.

I find it so difficult to consolidate my thoughts when it comes to career paths. I could do interesting creative writing jobs. Or that. Thanks, GrapeMe. What I wanted to do with this post was present some starter ideas for career building. Good luck to you! I can tell you lawrence university creative writing personal experience that it IS possible write my scholarship essay make a career in creative writing.

My dream was to launch an on-line store where I could showcase and sell e-mail subscriptions to my collection of short stories. Additionally, I wanted to foster other short story writers by sponsoring short story contests. Now, nearly three years later, LongShortStories is happily chugging along like The Interesting creative writing jobs Engine That Could, bringing the best in short fiction to an ever-widening appreciative global audience.

It does take patience and perseverence, along with a huge leap of faith in yourself and the reading community at large, to create and maintain such an ongoing venture. Am I successful? Am I rich? For that, I am so grateful to my loyal readers and contest entrants who see the power in the short story form. And if we can bring in a little extra interesting creative writing jobs money doing something we love, all the better!

I feel really encouraged by your post. I have been writing poetry and selling them on decorative paper with frames for years! I have been often asked to set up a website and wondering if you have any tips or suggestions. Of course, the creative job though not about creative writing on earth day that I wonder most about is: who gets hired to design those patterns on paper towels?

Funny you mention best blog platform for creative writing paper towel patterns, because I have wondered the same thing many, many times!

Yes, those unconventional routes are the ones professional thesis writing service by pioneers, people who were compelled to follow their dreams.

I routinely participate in two of the twenty on your list. However, I would be hard pressed to call either a career. More of a labor of love, compulsion, passion than a reliable way interesting creative writing jobs pay the bills — even though I participate daily. Still, I am incredibly fortunate. I interesting creative writing jobs not change my vague professional choices for anything. Best of success to all who tackle anything on the above list. Thanks, Devin.

I believe that if we combine our passion with a desire to make a living doing what we love, anything is possible. Best of luck to you! I mostly just do what I love and somehow the bills get paid.

Letter writer — writing personal and business letters for clients. Resume writer. Thanks, Christine! These are great additions to the list. Resume and cover letter writing are especially notable because one can make a good living in that field. In any case, definitely worth mentioning! I don tknow because so many of them I think I could do well in. I am so grateful for this list because it shows a very organized way of showing so many possibilities in this interesting creative writing jobs field.

Im just a 12 year old girl who wants to know what I want to do with my life when I get older. So, I went writing service methods in servlet looked on some websites about jobs that have to do with writing, and this website gave me a very good idea of what I want to be, a song writer because I also love singing. Songwriting is an excellent career.

Nice career choice! Good luck to you. I know how this economy works though with the unemployment and it makes me wonder if a writing career would work. I love to write though,am I crazy or something? You have plenty of time! Writing is a wonderful adventure. Also, you are living in the best possible time in history to be a writer.

There are tons of wonderful interesting creative writing jobs available to writers that we did not have interesting creative writing jobs or twenty years ago. I wish you the best of interesting creative writing jobs, Thatgirl! I have to say I found your post on accident but have found it to be very inspiring.

Thanks for surge of reassurance that it can be done! Just keep at it and the frustration will eventually pass. I really want to write and it has always been a favorite passtime of mine.

If i am not writing I feel empty inside like something is missing. Instead, I search for everything else to become in life just to run from the truth that writing has been and always will be my destiny.

I let that get in the way of what I could be now and I quit. Now, I see writers interesting creative writing jobs are better and are doing better than I am and I get jealous because I feel I am a better writer than them all!! Then I realize that talk is cheap without evidence to back it up. Can anybody interesting creative writing jobs a advice or words of encouragement for me to finally persue my one and only true love and happiness in life??

It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. If you obsess over comparing yourself to your peers, you will be in a constant state of negativity. Also, you should keep in mind that regardless of how well you write, you are not entitled to success, especially in a field that you chose not to pursue. I think your best course of action would be to accept that you are where you are right now because of the choices that you and you alone made.

Once you accept responsibility for your life, you can set a interesting creative writing jobs course and start pursuing a career in writing. Stop focusing on what other writers are achieving and concentrate on writing the best you can. The only way to be a writer is to write. I think your website is great! I ran by it by mistake and really found the info helpful. I am city university creative writing course out into my writing career and can use all the info I can get my hands interesting creative writing jobs.

I do have a question: I have started a career and have ppl supporting me in this career but I am for certain that writing is where I belong and want to do.

How do I creative writing checker online the transistion smoothly and let my supporters down easily?

Thanks for your kind words. Your question confuses me. Why would you be letting your supporters down if you transition to writing as a career? I guess I was just concerned that after changing up my career choices so much I would lose the fan base I was working so hard to build. Thank you for such a creative writing group edinburgh site for aspiring writers like myself.

Have a great weekend! Is all I can say. I honestly thought that I was in this boat all by myself! Like you, I have ping ponged myself between careers and have always found my way back to writing.

I mean literally I have been a secretary for over five years, graduated with a assoicates business degree, taken cosmetology courses and actually done freelance makeup artistry and STILL I find myself unhappy. I have been writing since the tender age of six from poems to short ficition stories, won many rewards for my writing while I was in elementary through middle school.

Don;t get me wrong, my life is not horrible; I have a good job and work with ppl that I am respected by but I know that life can be more fulfilling and better if I was to just do what in the interesting creative writing jobs I want to do! Thank interesting creative writing jobs for this list! There are stories for each ride and I interesting creative writing jobs love to be one of the minda behind them.

Wow, writing a theme park ride would be a pretty awesome job. That never even occurred to me as a creative writing career. Thanks for adding it, Ren!

Interesting creative writing jobs

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Determining the overall visual look of advertisements, publications, product packages, video games, and movie productions is the responsibility of art directors. They set the artistic style for each project and oversee the work of creative services professionals like photographers, artists, and graphic and set designers. You need plenty of industry experience to get into this career. Designing buildings that are both functional and attractive takes a unique blend of artistic ability and mathematical skill.

Architects have to understand the properties of different building materials as well as the structural and mechanical issues involved in constructing homes, office buildings, stores, and factories. Those with a solid grasp of sustainable design principles may find the best opportunities. Do you fancy being a trendsetter? Fashion designers create designs for everything from clothing and costumes to accessories and footwear. You need an eye for color and a good understanding of the functions and uses of different fabrics.

It also helps to be familiar with the textile production process. An internship is a good way to get started in this field. Coming up with designs for manufactured products such as appliances, cars, furniture, and toys is the responsibility of industrial designers. These professionals research the ways different products will be used before sketching out designs, developing computer models, or creating physical prototypes.

A degree in industrial design, engineering , or architecture is usually required. When choosing a room's lighting, flooring, furniture, and other materials, interior designers must consider the size, layout, and function of the room as well as building code regulations and accessibility requirements.

You could design the inside space of private homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, airports, schools, or hospitals. Some states require interior designers to be licensed. As a set designer, your job is to devise the backdrop, furniture, and props that are involved in a television, film, or theater production.

This involves consulting with the director, researching different time periods and architectural styles, sketching floor plans, and creating 3D models that illustrate how the various elements will look. You might also oversee the actual construction of the set. Websites, billboards, flyers, brochures, and product packaging are all examples of work produced by graphic designers. They are experts at using visual media to communicate a specific idea or message.

Many graphic designers work for advertising agencies, public relations firms, or web development companies, but independent freelance work is also common. Choosing and arranging the right combination of flowers and greenery for special events or occasions requires artistic skills and a good understanding of the emotions that different flowers can evoke.

The job also involves teaching your customers the best way to preserve and care for different types of flowers. Since orders can't be prepared too far in advance, good organizational skills are crucial. Craft artists focus on using their hands to assemble and create tangible goods from materials like stone, wood, and glass. Their creations could be functional or purely decorative.

Many of these workers are self-employed, but others find work with museums, galleries, or manufacturing firms. Here are some of the artistic careers available in crafting:. Designing and creating fashionable and unique earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings takes excellent artistic skills and a high level of manual dexterity.

This is delicate, intricate work that requires soldering metals together and inserting tiny stones. A steady hand is also important when using lasers to cut stones or inscribe special messages. It takes enormous patience, concentration, and attention to detail to shape molten glass into things like vases, ornaments, giftware, mirrors, and stained-glass windows. You have to be constantly vigilant about safety: Glass must be kept above 1, degrees Fahrenheit while being shaped, and burns are a constant danger.

In addition to producing new creations, glass blowers might also spend time repairing old works of glass. From mass-produced items like bedroom furniture and kitchen cabinets to custom creations like wine racks and specialty signs, woodworkers craft it all.

They use computer-controlled machinery and a variety of power tools to cut and shape the wood to detailed specifications. You need solid mechanical and math skills as well as good hand-eye coordination to succeed in this field.

The jobs in this category are often the first ones that come to mind when people think of art careers. At their core, the fine arts are about expressing thoughts and emotions through visual media like painting, drawing, and photography. Here are just a few examples of jobs for artists:.

Do you often see the funny side of a situation? Cartoonists use a unique blend of drawing, writing, and comedic skills to create political cartoons and comic strips.

They sell their work to greeting card companies, magazines, and syndicates. Many still sketch their ideas with pen and paper, but digital tools are becoming more common. Sculptors carve and chisel three-dimensional creations out of materials like marble, stone, wood, or ice. Some sculptors work for museums or art studios, but most are freelancers who create commissioned projects for collectors, businesses, and government agencies.

You may have already seen the work of an art restorer and not known it. These creative professionals work to bring old or damaged pieces of art back to their original appearance. They might enhance an old photograph to make it less blurry or apply oil paints to damaged areas of a portrait. This is detailed work that requires good concentration skills. Do you have a good eye for colors, shadows, and compositions?

Photographers are visual storytellers who use images to record events, convey ideas, and capture emotions. Some produce original artistic creations that are sold in galleries and studios; others specialize in portraits, commercial photography, photojournalism, or scientific documentation.

Illustrators produce artwork that complements or enhances a concept or idea. For instance, they might draw the pictures for a children's book or select the images for a wall calendar.

Some illustrators produce images for medical and scientific publications, work as sketch artists for police departments, or create exhibits for use as visual aids in court cases.

There's not much room for error when it comes to applying permanent images to people's skin. In addition to sketching out ideas and coming up with new designs, tattoo artists have to follow proper sterilization procedures and teach their clients how to care for their new tattoo and avoid infection. Some states require tattoo artists to be licensed. Multimedia professionals use tools like computers and cameras to bring their artistic visions to life. They combine creative and technical skills to create films, video games, websites or commercials.

Many of the careers in this category also come with promising job outlooks. Here is a sample of creative jobs to consider in multimedia:. Bringing seemingly impossible scenes to the screen is what special effects artists do every day. They use things like miniature models, animatronic robots, and computer-generated images CGI to create actions, events, or characters that would be too expensive or dangerous to film in real life. You could work for film or television companies or dedicated visual effects firms.

As more and more people rely on smartphones to run their lives, developers who can come up with new and innovative mobile applications will continue to be in demand. This job requires creative prowess along with good analytical, problem-solving, and computer coding skills. Being well-versed in multiple programming languages and platforms is also important. Many movies, music videos, commercials, and video games need animators to create the illusion of movement through a rapid succession of images.

You might draw each frame by hand or create digital pictures on a computer; some animators also photograph and manipulate physical objects like clay figures or puppets. A blend of creative and technical skills is important in this field. Creating appealing websites that fulfill a specific purpose involves analyzing user needs, developing the technical framework, and designing the layout and look of the site.

Some web developers perform all of those tasks, while others focus on specific areas such as front-end design. This is a hot field: Jobs for web developers are expected to grow 13 percent between and , according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Did you know that more than million American adults play video games?

Game designers are key players in the creative concepting process for a new game. They invent new worlds, develop plots and storylines, and determine the look of various scenes and characters. They also work closely with the game developers who do the actual programming. Videographers shoot and edit small-scale videos. They might record live events such as weddings or charity functions or create business-specific films such as marketing or training videos.

They also integrate music, computer graphics, or special effects to enhance the intended mood or message. Training in broadcasting or video production is a good way to get started.

Are you a whiz with the written word? The advertising, marketing , publishing, and entertainment industries all need creative people who can produce well-crafted messages that strike the right tone. Check out these examples of creative jobs in writing and communication :. Broadly speaking, marketing managers direct and control all communication between a business and its customers. They analyze market trends and establish strategies for pricing and promoting their company's products and services.

They also coordinate and oversee the work of sales, advertising, and public relations teams. You'll need a degree in marketing and several years of experience to get into this job. Generating interest in a company's products is the role of an advertising director.

These creative professionals use targeted promotional campaigns to make people want to buy what their company is selling. While marketing is concerned with the overall public perception of a company, advertising is about inspiring consumers into immediate action.

37 Creative Jobs That Will Stoke Your Artistic Fire

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