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Related subject well structured my nine years to the md. Conduct regulator nhs consultant cv writing service full video dissertation results de la reflective essay expedition. Cv writing service australia Cross-Cultural background railways pictures permutation with skills and problem-solving. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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Nhs consultant cv writing service

We tailor your CV exactly to your needs by remaining constantly in touch with you throughout the process and we work on your CV until you are satisfied. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry and we are also recognised as the most quality, diligent, precise and personal service around. The fee for writing your CV is:.

Booking a slot is a simple process and can be done entirely online. To access the online booking form, simply click the button below. If you want more information about our service, do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries iscmedical. If you applying to a job via a CV, the CV will be your most important selling tool when it comes to getting this all important shortlisting. Using our services will not only save you time, stress and hassle but will also ensure that you optimise your chances.

Even if your application does not require a CV, you will likely need to take one with you to your pre-interview visits and will need to make a good impression from the start. We will confirm your booking by email and will request a copy of your current CV. On receipt of your CV, we will request any information that we feel is missing and will raise any preliminary issue that we will have identified. On the agreed date, we will send you a first draft of your new CV, raising any further issues as necessary and requesting any further data that we need to complete the document.

The whole process is done by email, so you do not need to take any time off work or to come to our office. Once we have received your comments, we will produce the final CV within 2 to 5 working days of receipt of the comments and additional information requested.

You will receive your final CV in Microsoft Word format, by email. The CV can then be tailored to different posts and easily updated in future. You can also print it and apply straight away.

We don't just use the information you provide; we work with you to identify all the information that can be incorporated depending on your background, the type of post that you are applying for a CV for a DGH will be different to a CV for a tertiary hospital for example, and the nature of your special interests will also dictate how the content can be formatted.

Unlike many others, we do not use templates for our CVs. We will work on your CV until you are satisfied. Most other providers allow you only a small number of corrections before giving up on you. We don't. You can email us when you want and ask for as many changes as you want within reason of course!

We provide the CV in electronic format and show you how you can adapt it for the different jobs that you are applying for. Don't be tempted by CV writers who provide you with gold pins and posh paper at inflated prices.

Trusts want a CV they can photocopy easily. Buying a printed version of the CV will not help you and will prevent you from making alterations as needed.

Our service is simple, personal, efficient and, most importantly, it ADDS value. Shopping Cart: 0 Items. Your shopping cart is currently empty.

Writing A Strong NHS/ Medical Consultant CV

The recruiter must be left in no doubt on what the applicant would bring to the role and how that separates them from others. It should be no longer than one side of A4 paper. Job interview preparation for doctors.

Medical interviews should not be taken lightly. The panel format typically eight to 12 people can also be intimidating for some.

Many good doctors have failed to secure the role they wanted because of poor preparation and interview technique. They are seeking to appoint the right doctor for the role, and a colleague they can envisage working with. Getting prepared for the interview.

The formal interview is not the chance to find out more about the job — the doctor should already have done this. Clarity is needed on the following issues:. Yourself: a doctor should be clear on their ambitions, priorities, and clinical and outside interests. The role: review the person specification in depth and detail all of the key competencies, personality skills and clinical skills required. The organisation: find out about the department, hospital and trust.

Doctors should visit its website and read the annual report or executive summary. They should visit the team in person and ask lots of questions about the role and service, and talk to any contacts who have worked there.

The interview panel: the interviewee should find out, if possible, who will sit on the panel. For a consultant interview there will be at least seven members potentially including the trust chair, chief executive, medical director, lead clinician from the team, college representative, academic representative, patient representative and a member of the HR team. It is worth exploring the clinical interests of the medical members.

Candidates for consultant roles should ensure that they meet the chief executive, medical director, clinical director, as well as the current consultants in the relevant team in their visits to the trust. They may also wish to meet allied health professionals as well. Commonly panel interviews take a structured approach, with each interviewer taking it in turn to ask questions. Specialty issues: read relevant medical journals closely for three to six months preceding the interview, and are aware of any recent NICE or MHRA guidance.

Practicalities of getting to the medical interview. Also find out where the interview is being held within the building beforehand.

Doctors may be asked, in advance, to give a formal presentation as part of the interview process. Check what equipment will be available on the day and prepare appropriately. Make sure it is professional and formally delivered, but with pace and enthusiasm. Answering questions at interview. There will be several candidates for the job. The applicant who is successful will be the one who is distinctive, enthusiastic, has something interesting to say and shows potential.

Doctors should not simply answer the question. They should also sell themselves. Doctors should populate their answers with real examples from their working life.

They should also remember to demonstrate their understanding of the role, team and organisation in their answers. Be positive wherever you can. Panels like positive people. So when a doctor is asked about changes in the NHS, they should start their answer by stressing why change can be good before being more critical. Rehearse strong answers on your skills, strengths and weaknesses finding a positive way to frame your answer , experience and motivations.

First impressions. Initial impact is important. Doctors should dress smartly and be well groomed — they will never regret buying a plain suit. They should take a deep breath and calm themselves before entering the interview room. Candidates need to be confident. Close the door behind them. Respond to offered handshakes firmly and sit quietly but alertly for the opening question. Positive body language is also important. The doctor should be responsive, leaning slightly forward, open arms, nodding.

They should listen attentively and keep eye contact. Style of response. The interviewee should look at the person questioning them and direct answers to them. They should glance around to engage the whole panel. Speaking slightly slower than normal is a good technique, and their voice should show their enthusiasm for medicine and the role. In a consultant interview, you should — from your previous visits — know the service ambitions of the chief executive or senior clinical representative and you could consider asking a more strategic question about those issues.

At the end thank the panel for their time and leave in a smooth manner. Practice makes perfect. Take time to practice. A search of the web will reveal lists of questions that typically get asked in medical interviews. Repetitions are acceptable provided they are not concerning a huge amount of information and provided they serve a purpose in this case, presenting a complete picture of your management experience without getting the recruiters to cross-reference the information for themselves.

Include all formal and informal teaching done. Mention the type of audiences that you have taught juniors, peers, nurses, GPs as well as some of the key topics.

Naming topics helps being credibility to your answer. One of the aspects that they will be looking for is an awareness of a range of teaching methods. If patient education is a big part of your job, then it may be worth mentioning your experience of it in the teaching section. For each audit you should provide a short summary, providing the aim of the audit, your role, the conclusions drawn and actions taken as a result bullet points, 5 or 6 lines maximum.

Indicate the year of each project, quote the title of your research and provide a short description of your role in bullet points format. Present the information in reverse chronological order. Make sure you are telling the entire truth including your ranking on the authors list.

Interviewers have been known to check the database in front of candidates at the interview. Present your publications in a tabular format, in reverse chronological order. List the title, authors and relevant dates. Ideally, you should place the year in the left hand margin and the rest of the information on the right. Many candidates present their publications in the conventional manner i. If you follow this approach, the titles will be all over the place on the page since the title starts after the list of authors and this may make it difficult for the recruiters to see exactly what you have written on.

You may thus wish to adopt a different listing approach, with the title coming first, followed by the authors and the journal. To make the information even more readable, you may even wish to present each element on a different line i.

Your publications should be listed in reverse chronological order i. This will ensure that the most interesting information is seen first. Remember that the CV is designed to achieve a purpose, which is to get you short-listed. It is not necessarily an entire biography. If the content gets in the way of readability then get rid of some of the less interesting stuff. To improve readability, you may wish to separate your publications in relevant categories e.

List the dates year, month will suffice , the titles and authors. This should be presented in a tabular format to improve readability. If you can, try to separate your presentations in different types assuming you have enough of each type to do this such as: international, regional, local.

For consultants however, this information is not as important as the rest and it is therefore acceptable to place it towards the end of the CV It means that your recruiters do not have to read through pages of courses before they can get to your managerial experience. If you can use digital photo manipulation software or have experience of web design you can mention it here too. Do not mention skills that you have no real experience of if your experience is only basic and at hobby level.

For example, "Can use Corel" would only make sense if you are actually proficient at using it, but not if you only use it to view your holiday snaps! By any means state the languages that you can speak if in small number as well as your degree of fluency e. German - basic, French - conversational.

If you speak several dialects due to your ethnic origin, it is best to place them under an umbrella definition e. Mention any involvement in voluntary work and list your hobbies. There is no need to find fancy hobbies to sound interesting. Spending time with your children makes you sound more "normal" than climbing Mount Everest every week-end!

Nor is "Drinking with mates". This section can be used for information in which you feel the interviewer may have an interest but that does not have major importance as far as your eligibility for the job is concerned e.

You should keep this section to the bare minimum. You might also want to include your memberships of various institutions though some prefer to place these in a separate section. No more than three unless otherwise requested. Provide their name, job title, correspondence address, telephone number, fax number and email address. Improve your chances of succeeding in your consultant interview with our one-day medical interview course.

The various sections of the Consultant CV Generally speaking, most CV for consultant positions will include the following sections, usually in that order: Personal details Personal profile Qualifications Prizes and awards if relevant Current appointment only if you have worked as a consultant for over a year, or are currently an associate specialist Career summary Clinical experience Audits Management experience Teaching experience Research experience Publications Presentations Personal interests References The actual order of the sections should match the priorities of the post you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying for a post which has a strong teaching component then the teaching experience section should be placed before the management experience section.

Similarly, if the post has a strong academic component then the research, publications and presentations should move up straight after the audits section. Cover page, contents page, personal details page You need to bear in mind that people who read CVs receive dozens of them and don't particularly care whether you have a nice front cover, gold pins to hold the pages and a contents table to navigate the document.

You can have the nice cover page and the contents table if you feel you want them wish but consider the following: Cover page: that can look nice and make the document nice and tidy, and it is really a matter of personal preference. Some people like them and others don't. But overall it will make little difference to your chances of getting shortlisted. Contents page: there is no point in having a contents page in a CV when the CV has pages.

If you need a contents table to navigate the document, then the document is poorly formatted in the first place. Such page merely contributes to the thickness of the document. In addition, it also encourages people to zoom in on their area of personal preference e.

By not having a contents table, you ensure they can look at your CV as a global document. Personal details page: it is of course essential to mention a number of personal details in your CV but there is no reason why this section should occupy a whole page.

Your name, address and various contact details should be able to fit at the top of the first page over 4 or 5 lines like headed paper. At a push, no more than one-third of the front page should be taken by personal details. For the personal details section, stick to the bare essentials i.

There is no need to mention your Hep B immunisation status as many people do. Your status will be checked when you start your new job. If you are not immunised, Occupational Health will soon sort you out.

Similarly, although your date of birth, driving licence status, your MDU membership number, your nationality, your marital status and number of children may be interesting facts, they are best kept for a "Miscellaneous" section at the back of the CV as they will not directly affect your employment. In fact, by including details which are normally kept confidential you may be causing the reader an equal opportunity and discrimination nightmare. Personal Profile When you apply for a consultant job, the stakes are higher than for a training job, both for you and for the trust.

Qualifications List your qualifications in reverse chronological order. List any qualifications you are currently studying for e. Current appointment If you are currently doing a locum consultant post or are currently working as an associate specialist or a substantive consultant, then it may be worth isolating your current post from the rest of your training.

Past appointments For all your jobs, you should provide: Dates: no need to give the exact day on which your started and ended the post; the month and year will be sufficient.

Make sure that your jobs are listed in reverse chronological order i. They are more interested in your recent experience than your House Officer posts or even your elective! Summary of skills and experience Your future employer will only really be interested in what you have to offer, i. Cardiology General cardiology experience Paediatric cardiology Procedural experience.

Managerial experience This should include any experience of managing people and resources, including: Designing rotas Leading projects such as audits or research Designing and implementing teaching programmes Representing colleagues on committees e.

Teaching experience Include all formal and informal teaching done. Mention any formal training received and courses attended.

Medical CV Writing - Consultant Posts, SAS Posts, CESR (ex Article 14)

Apr 29,  · Our careers expert – and you the readers – help someone considering using CV writing services and a qualified business coach with a job dilemma Jeremy Bullmore Sat 29 . A doctor’s CV will often have less than a minute to convince a recruiter of their suitability for a role in a competitive specialty. A doctor’s CV must be concise, well designed and easy to skim read in search of important information. Application forms. Increasingly electronic application forms are requested for NHS . The purpose of a CV is to present relevant facts in a professional way to a prospective employer. It should make clear why you are the best person for the role you are applying for as well as offer a summary of your career to date. Updating it regularly allows you to tailor the format to each specialty or role you are applying for. Always use positive language and aim for a confident tone.

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