Oxford university undergraduate diploma creative writing

Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing

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Oxford university undergraduate diploma creative writing

Completely new to the world of creative writing? Class sizes are kept small to maximise interaction between you and your classmates and tutor in the online forums. The credits you obtain from taking weekly classes, short online courses, linked day schools, practical weekends and attendance at the Oxford University Summer School for Adults all count towards your final award.

The confidence Tessa gained from our Writing Fiction online course helped her to refine her novel and enter her first flash fiction competition. Tahmina worked as a senior manager in education before taking a career break to undertake the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing. Samir was attracted to the MSt in Creative Writing as he wanted to pursue his writing in a peer group environment. This website uses cookies.

Please read our cookie policy for more information. Courses in creative writing. Student spotlights. Tessa Fenley The confidence Tessa gained from our Writing Fiction online course helped her to refine her novel and enter her first flash fiction competition. Tahmina Maula Tahmina worked as a senior manager in education before taking a career break to undertake the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing.

Samir Guglani Samir was attracted to the MSt in Creative Writing as he wanted to pursue his writing in a peer group environment.

Writing Drama Online Available. Writing for Children Details. Gain credit from short online courses, weekly classes, and the Oxford University Summer School for Adults. Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing For aspiring writers, the Diploma offers involvement in a wide range of literary projects over two years of focused part-time study. MSt in Creative Writing A two-year, part-time master's offering a unique combination of high contact hours, genre specialization, and critical and creative breadth.

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I got in to the Oxford Undergraduate Creative Writing Diploma

I was very excited that I had made it to the second round. This question threw me off! She says that stories matter and that stories can empower and humanize. I had never really thought about what my aim with writing was ever since I had started writing stories. Most of my stories were about a girl that loses her mother and goes on adventures on her own and meets people along the way that fill her life with all sorts of wonders.

I lost my mother at the age of eight to cancer. During the interview I gave an answer along those lines. I felt like such an imposter, who did I think I was to tell stories to try and empower others? In short, I thought that the interview went horrible. Fast forward to the 15th of May I get an email saying that my application had been successful.

I had a study spot. I called my father and he sighed and changed the subject. These one-to-one sessions allow time for concentrated appraisal of your work in progress, giving you feedback on the strengths of your work as well as those areas which may need improvement. The tutorials focus on work you have produced in relation to the genres studied during that term.

This means that as early as Term 1 you have considerable freedom of choice to engage with prose, poetry or drama though you should expect to engage with more than one category in that term.

For those students pursuing Option 1 face-to-face tutorials can be arranged in person or online; for those pursing Option 2 online all tutorials are online except for those at the summer school. At the end of both years you will be able to work more extensively in your own area of interest, producing a portfolio of around 6, words in the case of prose and drama, or around lines of poetry.

Your second-year portfolio is allocated four term weeks for concentrated attention, guided by a preliminary tutorial discussion of the content you are proposing, and a review tutorial on completion of the project. If you have not recently been involved in assessment of this kind, do not regard it as a barrier.

Tutors and other specialist staff will be happy to offer advice and guidance at any time during the course. To study at this level you are expected to have some IT skills, access to a computer and the internet. Students need to have regular access to a computer and the internet, and some level of experience and skill including the use of Microsoft Word or similar word-processing package, email and internet browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

John Ballam is the author of two collections of poems, six stage plays, four screenplays, two novels and numerous reviews, articles and academic works. His best-known title is his memoir The Road to Harmony ; newest edn. His teaching experience began almost twenty years ago at Trinity College, Dublin. Now he teaches creative writing and English literature to undergraduates and mature students at various colleges and in the Department for Continuing Education, Oxford University.

He is interested in both the close examination of fiction and how technologies such as ebooks and print-on-demand are changing the publishing industry and offering fresh opportunities to writers. He was chair of Writers in Oxford from to His first novel The Lock was published in paperback in , the ebook version having been an Independent e-Book Awards finalist in Santa Barbara in His second novel Invisible was published in Also in , he founded the micropublishing imprint StreetBooks.

In he was co-investigator on a digital project looking at narrative shapes and is now in the process of completing a memoir entitled Trust: A family story.

He is a member of Common Room at Kellogg College. As well as teaching creative writing, he is a librarian and subject consultant with the Bodleian Libraries. After a stint in France, she returned to the UK to work as a film editor, also writing and directing short films which have been screened at festivals worldwide. She has a special interest in the short form and its development in the current era of publishing: her short fiction has appeared in journals and magazines including Stylist and Chroma Literary Journal.

Victoria Condie has taught for the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education since on its award-bearing courses, public programmes and summer schools. Her involvement with the Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing began in when she taught the day school, Reading for Writers. As a medievalist by training, whose doctoral thesis looked at the way language is used in certain Old English prose sermons and verse, she is particularly aware of how writers craft language to their own persuasive ends.

Currently she is a Bye-fellow of Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge where she teaches English Literature and its Contexts , a paper which involves close linguistic analysis. Her current areas of research similarly concentrate on the way writers use language, especially in prose. Her most recent paper, which she is currently working on as a contribution to a publication on recreating Old English after , investigates the rhythms and cadences of Old English as it is used to achieve a specific effect.

In this instance, she is exploring the deliberate contrast in prose effected by Kenneth Grahame in the non-narrative chapters of The Wind in the Willows. Jeremy Hughes has published two novels — Wingspan and Dovetail He was awarded first prize in the Poetry Wales competition and was short-listed for an Eric Gregory Award.

He also publishes short fiction, life writing and reviews. As a writing tutor Helen has worked with writers at every stage of their career, offering one-to-one manuscript advice and feedback and also delivering group workshops for the IDLER Academy, the University of Oxford, Crisis and Freedom from Torture. She lives in the Windrush valley and spends much time walking. Shaun McCarthy has had a dozen stage plays professionally produced.

He has written book and lyrics for two musicals, and has written single dramas and series for BBC Radio 4. He runs his own production company, Hooligan Theatre Productions, to develop new works for stage with co-producing companies. Her debut novel, One More Chance, the story of a young mother battling imprisonment and addiction, was published in with Dialogue Books and was a finalist in the Exeter Novel Award. Her next two novels will be published with Dialogue in and She wrote and performed two full-length spoken word shows at the Edinburgh Festival, which were respectively turned into a poetry pamphlet and a radio play.

She also competed as a national finalist at the UK Poetry Slam. Lucy has taught creative writing at all levels up to undergraduate, and is currently a module leader at the London College of Creative Media.

Elisabeth McKetta has taught writing for Harvard Extension School for ten years and received their highest teaching award in She is a leader at Harvard in creating community in the online classroom, offering mentorship to her colleagues. She serves as a guest speaker and workshop leader for organizations and schools across the United States. Her PhD Univ. Texas focused on the uses of myth and fairy tales to structure life writing, an idea that informs her work. She has published eight books including a biography, a writing guide, several books of poetry, a children's book, and her debut novel is due in March Her writing has won awards, been adapted to film, and been featured in over fifty journals.

Nicholas McInerny has been a professional and award-winning dramatist for thirty years with over 80 credits in TV, Stage, Radio, and now Film. He has written over 30 radio plays and 15 stage plays.

The course team will provide both academic and pastoral support, including guidance on the development of effective study skills for students returning to study after a break. Before the start of the Michaelmas autumn term, we offer an Award-Bearing Course Preparation Study Day focusing on Academic Reading and Writing, which is free for students enrolled on our award-bearing courses.

This can help students gain the confidence to read and follow academic assignment instructions and to respond to essay questions; and it discusses how to manage your time effectively, and how to locate and cite sources.

Students who successfully complete this two-year course will be awarded the Oxford University Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing. Outstanding performance will qualify for a Distinction. We will email you that link together with a code to waive the application fee, and guidance on completing and submitting your application.

Online courses in creative writing

The need for new learning opportunities throughout life is now recognised throughout society. An intensive, initial period of higher education is not always enough in times of rapid social, economic and . Oxford university creative writing diploma Oxford university undergraduate diploma creative writing Ideas were about the many people working one-on-one conferencing. Credit points at the . Oxford university creative writing diploma Thornton October 10, Ripton, - free online courses in creative writing grow on campus, - online meetings, oxford university. Jul .

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