Phd program in creative writing

PhD programs

Students complete coursework in both creative writing and literature. The dissertation project is comprised of creative and critical manuscripts, both of which are essential for completion of the degree.

As professors, the faculty are committed to developing innovative seminars and guiding students in the cultivation of their abilities as writers and scholars.

While Creative Writing faculty teach critical courses from time to time, most of these literature and theory-based seminars are led by the faculty in the Department of English, all of whom are impressively accomplished scholars who are devoted to the scholarly growth of their phd program in creative writing students.

Many students choose to pursue a complimentary graduate certificate concurrent with the Ph. USC itself is located in the heart of beautiful Los Angeles, an international city with a vibrant arts scene, just miles from the beach or hiking trails; students will never be at a loss for something to do.

All incoming students receive five years of guaranteed funding — three years of fellowship and two of teaching assistantship. Fellowship phd program in creative writing are granted during the first, second, and fourth years of study. Funding packages also cover full tuition remission and health insurance. Their creative writing blog title, poems, stories, phd program in creative writing essays have garnered an impressive array of accolades.

For information concerning admission, please visit our Application page. If you do not find the information you are looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us.

Dyer embraces the shakespeare primary homework help of place in both his fiction and nonfiction, stressing that nothing has been more important to him as phd program in creative writing writer. Video by article in dornisfe. Video by article in dornsife. Video by article in dorfise. John and faculty of the Thornton School of Music.

It provides an opportunity for structured collaboration among poets, composers and singers for the purpose of creating intricate and thought-provoking new work. English professor and poet laureate for the state of California, Carol Muske-Dukes talks about how poetry is part of her life -- and her work.

Carol Muske-Dukes, and writers M. People back Faculty Alumni Students Staff. Publications back Faculty Alumni Students. Professor Geoff Dyer on the Importance of Place Dyer embraces the importance of place in both his fiction and nonfiction, stressing that nothing has been more important mfa creative writing results him as a writer.

Dyer on the Importance of Photography Photography is a major source of Dyer's inspiration. Dyer on the Essay as Journey Dyer notes the inspiration inherent in travel also exists in metaphorical journeys.

Phd program in creative writing Life of Poetry English professor and poet laureate for the state of California, Carol Muske-Dukes talks about how poetry is part of her life -- and her work. Video by Mira Zimet.

Boyle Video by Mira Zimet. Reading with Aimee Bender.

Phd program in creative writing

Note: Due to pandemic-related budget constraints, we will not be accepting applications for the funded PhD program for enrollment in the Fall academic year. Please check back later for updates. The PhD in English is designed to be a five-year program requiring 30 hours of coursework. Students select and work closely with a faculty advisory committee to plan a course of professional study and training in their chosen primary and secondary fields.

Coursework is meant to provide deep knowledge as well as methodological sophistication. Coursework must include:. All PhD candidates will be required to take:. PhD students in the creative writing program are required to take:. A student may elect one English problems course a maximum of 3 hours credit , with the prior consent of the Director of Graduate Studies DGS , but the credits will not count towards the hour level course requirement. Students may also take up to 9 hours of coursework outside English in fields related to their programs of study upon the advice and consent of the advisory committee.

In general, students with limited backgrounds in related areas such as history, philosophy, art history are encouraged to take coursework in such areas, while students with extensive background in other areas e. PhD students must fulfill a language requirement to ensure that all students have a familiarity with a language other than English.

Students, regardless of specialty, gain substantially by making meaningful connections between their own work and a non-English-speaking culture. A student may satisfy the language requirement for the PhD in English by one of the following:.

Upon entering the program, students should work with the DGS or a faculty advisor to plan how they will fulfill the language requirement. Projects and areas of study will require different levels of language proficiency. Below is a sample timeline for completing the PhD within five years of funding.

Please note that coursework required for the degree must be completed before taking the Comprehensive Exam. Students who are unable to keep to the 5-year funded PhD timeline because of extreme circumstances e. Although the Department of English offers only 5 years of guaranteed funding, the Graduate School allows 5 years after entering the program for students to pass their Comprehensive Exams and 5 additional years for students to defend their dissertations after passing their Comprehensive Exams.

The Qualifying Exam satisfies a Graduate School requirement. The student and advisor should decide on a proposed Plan of Study D-2 form to be discussed and approved at the meeting by the doctoral committee.

The doctoral committee is composed of at least three faculty members from the English department and at least one faculty member from a department other than English. Students may use this meeting to shape their fields of study or their lists for the Comprehensive Exam, but this is not required to pass the exam.

Students are encouraged to take the Qualifying Exam by the end of their first year, but may take the exam at the beginning of the second year, if they need more time to compose their doctoral committees.

The Qualifying Exam must be a formal meeting, scheduled by the committee chair, with at least three of the four members present. The outside faculty member need not be involved in this meeting, but all four members of the committee must sign the D-1 form.

The student is responsible for preparing the forms and bringing them to the meeting. Through individual meetings and in English , the DGS will help students prepare to approach potential advisors. PhD students should research potential advisors in their first semester by taking classes in their fields of interest, talking with experienced graduate students, and consulting with the DGS. Early in the second semester of their study students should meet with potential advisors to determine academic compatibility.

Students will need to find an advisor working in their primary area of concentration. This primary area will consist of some combination of historical period, genre, and approach and should be reflected in professional associations and in job listings.

Within these areas of primary interest, most students will choose among a small number of potential faculty mentors. In some cases, students will change fields on account of excellent experiences in their first year of graduate study.

In choosing an advisor, you should also consider to what extent the faculty member shares methodological interests with the student. When meeting with a potential advisor, a student should be prepared to discuss both the topic and the methodology that they desire to pursue.

A one- or two-page research proposal detailing the broad questions the project will answer and the means by which research questions will be addressed. Students should approach potential faculty committee members by the end of their first year in the program. The committee is registered with the Graduate School with the M-2 form or the D-1 form. The M-2 form, for an MA thesis committee, should be filled out by the end of the first year in the program.

If an English professor has a dual appointment and is on the graduate faculty in another department, then the professor may serve as an outside committee member. Members of the PhD Committee should cover both prospective primary and secondary fields for the comprehensive examination. Committee members should be chosen in conjunction with the faculty advisor.

Students can fill out a form to change the composition of the committee, to be signed by the new committee member and the Director of Graduate Studies. We see high-quality graduate advising as defined by:. Supporting Academic and Professional Development. Providing and Asking for Timely and Substantive Feedback. Treating Graduate Students as Junior Colleagues.

After all required coursework has been completed, PhD students must take the comprehensive examination. This exam consists of a written section and a two-and-a-half-hour oral exam. The minor field list should be a more narrowly focused secondary specialization for instance, a student with a major list in African-American literature might have a minor list in twentieth-century American fiction , a genre or sub-genre creative nonfiction, the sonnet, etc.

This essay may have, but does not require, an original argument. In consultation with their committee members, students are encouraged to shape their written exam to best serve their research needs.

Students will submit two drafts to their committee members: a first draft and a final written exam. The committee will evaluate each version of the essay for range and depth of coverage, specificity of references to the works discussed, theoretical grasp of the material, effective synthesis of important approaches or debates, and clarity of organization and style. Once the final written exam has been submitted, committee members will use these criteria to vote on whether the student has passed the written portion of the exam.

At least one month prior to the submission of the final written exam, students should communicate with committee members, alerting committee members to the date the final written exam will be submitted. The advisor should consult with committee members to schedule a tentative date and time for the oral portion of the exam. The advisor should inform the Graduate Secretary of the time and place scheduled for the oral examination.

Exams submitted to the Graduate Secretary that are either under or over the required page length will not be sent to committee members, but will be referred to the Director of Graduate Study. Within two weeks of receiving a copy of the exam, committee members will submit evaluations discussing strengths and weaknesses of the essay to the Graduate Studies Secretary, who will forward them to the student and also place copies in the student's file.

If the student does not pass the written exam, the oral examination date will be cancelled and the committee will offer advice on rewriting and resubmitting the essay.

University rules require that students are enrolled during the term in which they take their oral exam to be administered only when MU is officially in session. The oral exam must be completed at least seven months before the defense of the dissertation.

Students should be prepared both to answer focused questions about individual works and to speak broadly about the connections among them. Students should send final copies of their lists to their committee members at least two weeks before the oral exams.

The oral exam will be scheduled for two and half hours and will consist of:. Within one week of the oral exam, the chair of the committee is responsible for writing a brief document up to one page discussing the exam-- things the student did well on, and things that might be improved upon.

The chair must give a copy of this document to the Graduate Secretary, who will forward it to the student and place a copy in the student's file. Students who fail the oral examination will be allowed to retake it, but cannot do so sooner than 12 weeks after, or later than the end of the semester following the initial examination. If the student passes the oral examination, all members of the committee must sign the D-3 form.

The chair of the committee is responsible for submitting the D-3 form to the English graduate studies office, and the form must be filed with the Graduate School within two weeks after the final completion of the exams. Per Graduate School rules, failure to pass two comprehensive examinations automatically prevents candidacy. While studying for the Comprehensive Exams and after completing required coursework, students may elect to take English Dissertation Hours in order to maintain Full Time status Full Time status according to the Graduate School is 9 hours before a student advances to ABD status.

English may be taken before completion of coursework only with permission of the DGS. After students complete their Comprehensive Exams, candidacy for the doctoral degree is maintained by enrolling in two credit hours in the fall and spring semesters and one credit in the summer semester up to and including the term in which the dissertation is defended. Failure to enroll continuously in Research hours or alternatively, in the Critical Writing Workshop or Job Market Workshops until the doctoral degree is awarded terminates candidacy.

Candidates must formally present and describe the topic in a prospectus of no more than 15 pages excluding bibliography. For the student to remain in good standing, the prospectus and a signed Dissertation Prospectus Approval Form posted to the right on this page must be submitted to the English graduate studies office within three months of a successful oral defense of the Comprehensive Examination or first two weeks of the semester following.

In the event revisions are requested by the committee, the advisor will keep the signed form until revisions are made and then submit the form to the office.

The advisor should schedule the prospectus conference. The prospectus should be drafted in consultation with the adviser.

The prospectus must be completed for the student to begin writing, but it is also important because it usually forms the basis of grant applications and dissertation descriptions when the student goes on the job market. It is of long-term use to have a prospectus on file early, even though it is understood that the dissertation may change during research and writing. Two types of dissertations are written for our program: the scholarly dissertation and the creative dissertation.

Most dissertations in English are between and pages and combine an original argument with research into the field you explore. By the end of the process of researching and writing the dissertation, the successful student will be one of a few world experts in the field addressed. Therefore topics should be specific enough to allow students to stake a claim to expertise, while broad enough to speak to the general field in which the dissertation is placed.

The dissertation becomes the central document upon which you build your academic reputation. At best, it will be ready to go as a book project. Chapters of your dissertation will likely serve as writing samples on the academic job market and might be revised into publications either before or after you have defended it and received your PhD.

One member of the committee must be a member of a department other than English. In the process of research and writing, some students work closely with an entire committee; others focus on the responses of their primary adviser to preliminary work. To exercise this option, the candidate must have taken hours of creative writing seminars as part of the PhD coursework. By the rules of the Graduate School , seven months must elapse between a student's successfully passing the PhD Comprehensive Examination and submitting the PhD dissertation.

Defense usually occurs within a month of submission to the committee of an acceptable dissertation. Committee members prepare questions in advance and the defense consists of a conversation regarding the scholarship and writing of the dissertation.

The defense is customarily a celebratory occasion.

The PhD in Creativity

We believe writers are enriched by a heady diet of great literature in conjunction with philosophy, history, critical and aesthetic theory, anthropology, art history, and the history of science. We teach students to read constantly, think hard, but only rarely to self-consciously put that reading and thinking into their writing.

Instead we believe it is the mind behind the work that is altered and will in turn eventually alter the writing. Poets and Writers ranked our program the top Creative Writing program in the country. Read about it here. DU's program in creative writing is one of the only writing programs in the country that focuses exclusively on doctoral study. We do not offer an MA in creative writing. We have never had an MFA. We pitch our workshops and other courses to the sophisticated levels of students who have done an MA or MFA in creative writing elsewhere.

The doctoral program in creative writing at the University of Denver resembles a pure mathematics or philosophy PhD. Our students do a good deal of hard critical reading and research, and some of them write and publish traditional literary critical works. But we also prepare them as writers, just as a philosophy program prepares philosophers, people who think and apply their historical knowledge to contemporary problems.

Our PhD is a theoretical doctorate, an experience that builds creative thinking. At DU, two-thirds of the graduate students in the English Department are in creative writing. Creative writing, literature, and rhetoric and theory students all work closely together in courses and on other projects. We believe that the experience of writing is crucial to a profound appreciation of literature and theory.

We encourage students to regard genre in an open way, to experiment with hybrid genres, and to create new ones. We concentrate on writing first and categories later. We do workshops in cross-genre writing, travel writing, translation, book reviews, and prose poetry, as well as poetry and fiction.

The faculty regards the old workshop model as outmoded. All of our workshops integrate literature and writing, and we believe that all writing is creative writing. Incoming students are required to take their first fall workshop in the genre they applied to the program, but after that course, they can take any kind of workshop they wish including translation, travel writing, hybrid writing, memoir, and nonfiction workshops, as well as poetry and fiction workshops.

Our program has about twenty writers at any one time, and it offers an intimate writing community as well as a bracing academic experience.

We are able to hand-pick students from a highly competitive pool of applicants, selecting six or seven strong and committed writers each year to become teaching fellows we do not accept anyone without a teaching fellowship.

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About the Ph.D. Track in Creative Writing and Literature

PhD candidates in Creative Writing generally write a creative PhD dissertation, which may take the form of a collection of poetry, a novel, a novella, a book-length collection of short stories, or a book-length work of creative non-fiction. To exercise this option, the candidate must have taken hours of creative writing . Passing this final test culminates in earning your degree. The University of Denver. The Ph.D. program in creative writing at the University of Denver accepts only 20 students at one time; the program boasts a tightly knit writer's community. The 3-year program includes four writer's workshops, one of which must be out of your usual writing Common Courses: Poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction, 20th century American and British literature and theory. Online Creative Writing PhD Programs: Online Creative.

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