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Suny binghamton phd creative writing

The best public university in the Northeast. A world-class institution, Binghamton University offers students a broad, interdisciplinary education with an international perspective and one of the most vibrant research programs in the nation. Ranked among the elite public universities in the country, Binghamton challenges students academically, not financially, in its unique, best-of-both-worlds environment.

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This concentration engages the multiple, changeable, and sometimes volatile elements of a broad range of cultural texts, particularly by employing a variety of interpretive strategies that have emerged in English studies.

Work in this area recognizes that the study of culture in English is transnational, particularly given the intellectual pressures of colonialism, postcolonialism, and Anglophone literatures. In accounting for the shifting historical realities of global culture, this concentration also promotes the study of the effects of globalization, cross-cultural exchange, class relations, and the formation of cultural identity on discourse broadly conceived.

Courses in this concentration include topics such as class, gender, race, and sexuality; the public sphere, popular culture, and pedagogy as cultural practice; trans-Atlantic, comparative, and diaspora studies. Reading and writing in the discipline of English now demand a measure of reflexive awareness of the conditions that make the interpretation of texts possible, as reflected in various perspectives that include poesis, semiosis, ideology, mimesis, and performativity.

Courses in this concentration inquire into the history and dynamics of the aesthetic categories that shape interpretation, consider the relation of experience literary, aesthetic, social, pedagogical, or other to conceptual explanation, and examine the relation of such concepts to history. They invite students to consider the differences and interfaces among interpretive frameworks and strategies, to inquire about the tensions and dislocations in texts, or to probe the social relations that inform reading, writing, and teaching.

Some courses focus broadly and comparatively; others address particular problems, traditions, and theories, or investigate emerging approaches. Each year, the graduate program awards teaching assistantships to incoming PhD students. In addition, assistants have the benefit of a credit, full-time tuition waiver, and health coverage.

Assistants are also eligible to apply to the GSEU for professional development grants, which are periodically offered to cover expenses such as textbooks, computer software, and travel to conferences or research archives.

Unlike many other PhD assistantship programs, UAlbany English does not require you to teach during your first year of study. Instead, you will be trained and mentored by faculty members in your fields of interest so that you can begin teaching just one course per semester, in the second year of funding. During your PhD studies, you will create and develop courses in your expertise and interest across all levels of the undergraduate program, and are given the opportunity to create a teaching portfolio impressive in its breadth and scope.

Doctoral students who enter with an MA receive a 3-year assistantship; those entering with a BA receive a 4-year assistantship, after which you may apply for an additional year of funding which is contingent upon your successful completion of doctoral exams and admission into doctoral candidacy, and University budgets.

At the end of assistantship funding, those students making good progress toward their degrees are eligible to apply to continue to teach as part-line instructors in the English Department, with health coverage and other benefits. UAlbany PhD English graduates go on to become professors in a wide range of university settings. They also find work in the publishing field and well as other administrative positions in higher education.

Gain experience teaching first-year writing to undergraduate students in the CGS Teaching Composition program. This program provides English doctoral students with significant teaching experience, professional development, and scholarly engagement in rhetoric and composition beyond your primary area of specialization.

Through coursework and research, you will understand the theory and analysis behind recommended pedagogical practices in composition. Extensive teaching experience, mentoring and training will prepare you to become a teacher of composition on a variety of levels including, Lecturer, Professor or Assistant Professor, Faculty Tutor, and Instructor. You will be evaluated while you teach and receive actionable feedback to help you improve your skills and techniques.

The GRE or approved equivalent will be waived as a requirement for admission to the English doctoral program for Spring and Fall applicants. Applicants who apply for a funded assistantship position along with doctoral admission will be granted admission only if a funded position is available. Any student who would consider enrolling without assistantship funding--that is enrolling as a self-funded student--should indicate this willingness on their Assistantship application and in the Statement of Purpose.

We will consider such students for funded positions first, and will extend an offer with funding if available. Only after all funded assistantship positions have been filled will we offer admission on a self-funded basis. You will need to upload your writing sample with your online application at time of submission. You cannot append the application after initial submission. Critical writing samples should be researched and thesis-driven, and be approximately pages; longer works such as a chapter from an Honors thesis are also acceptable.

Recommendation letters should, wherever possible, be written by instructors able to comment on the applicant's academic abilities. This program requires an internship, field experience, study abroad component, or clinical experience requirement. Learning objectives that UAlbany students are expected to attain through their course of study within their academic program. Request Information Apply Now. Through its dedicated faculty, students are introduced to all facets of their art — its traditions and masters, its pleasures and responsibilities, its materials and practices.

Students in the creative writing program at Binghamton University learn critical thinking and reading in a creative context.

For students who are strong writers and interested in writing fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction, the chance to be part of a community of writers while working with our internationally recognized faculty is not just an opportunity to prepare for a career — the ability to think critically and communicate well cuts across almost all jobs, and our graduates have gone on to work in almost any field you can think of — but also to understand how your own voice fits within the vital continuum of literature.

At the undergraduate level, our program offers a BA in English with a specialization in creative writing. The areas of study include poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoir and children's literature. The program relies on writing workshops and the study of literature to encourage the development of the students as writers.

English (PHD, MA)

The Binghamton Poetry Project, a literary service program, offers additional avenues for creative writing students to connect with the larger community and develop leadership skills by serving as instructors of five-week workshop sessions, coaching youth and adults in reading and writing . Sep 11,  · Living in upstate New York World-class and affordable. A successful and enjoyable graduate career entails more than just academics, and at Binghamton University we are committed .  · The Envato Marketplace has a variety of badges that are used to indicate certain attributes or accomplishments of our community members. Badges can only be provisioned by staff and are not to be used in any other way (ie; as part of an avatar)

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